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Touring the lush Macao by Car Hire

Macao, also referred to as Macau is the place to find a rich traditional culture and plenty of exotic Portuguese buildings. Macao is a special administrative region of China, lying on the West of the Pearl River Delta. This is a unique destination, with an economy that depends heavily on gambling, tourism and a bit of manufacturing.

How to get around Macao?

There are a few travel options, the most common ones being taxis, buses and car rental. If you love touring the countryside, it would be best to rent a car. In most cases, buses stick to the main roads in Macau. Taxis, on the other hand, can take you to the tourist spots you wish to travel to. However, they can be expensive because they are not metered. Additionally, you might have to pay huge chunks of cash to tour various destinations.

By Car Hire

Cheap car hire service providers are available in plenty in Macao; hence car rental is never a problem. Any tourist who dreams of traveling conveniently without any rush should just rent a car.

When is the best time to visit?

The best season to tour this destination is usually in the winter and autumn. The weather of Macao is affected by the East Asia Monsoon; the summers are rainy while the winters are relatively dry. January is the coldest of all months in Macao, with May through September being highly hot and humid. October to early December is lovely with warm sunny days and a lower average humidity.

What about Accommodation?

There are plenty of superb hotels in Macao to suit the tastes of any traveler. If you like to live in either a 5 stars or economical hotel, the Macao has outstanding hotels to choose from. However, you have to know that all hotels in this destination exclude meals from the accommodation fees; you have to reserve some cash for that. Additionally toiletry and other personal amenities are usually not provided.

What Language do I speak in Macao?

The languages widely used in the region are Portuguese and Chinese, with Chinese having the bigger hand. It does not mean you cannot find other languages being spoken here, but they are very rare. However, if you would like to interact with the natives, you should preferably familiarize yourself with some Chinese and Portuguese words and phrases.

Are there tourist attractions of worth in Macao?

Macao has got plenty of breathtaking tourist attraction destinations, along with tourist activities you can indulge in. If you love gambling, you will be at home in Macau. Any tourist who loves sightseeing should take a northerly walk to the ruins of St. Paul’s city. Here, you find the screen wall of the St. Paul Church, along with Fort Monte. The fort remains one of the best preserved forts in the entire Macao.

There are plenty of museums in Macao, and if you would like to take a whole day touring them, you need to get a museum pass. There are also plenty of other attractive places like Fishman’s Wharf, Historic center of Macau among many others.

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